The Inner Mastery Formula


Since 2010, IIWE has empowered hundreds of people to foster resilience and cultivate inner strength.

IIWE began as the Yogacara Institute back in 2010, undergoing a significant transformation into the Institute of Inner Wellbeing & Excellence (IIWE) in response to the pandemic. This transition signified our move from being a holistic health and wellness institute to becoming a specialised leadership development and learning organisation committed to fostering individual excellence and organisational resilience.

Community Speak - Grace Taylor

Our passion lies in learning and empowering people of all ages with the knowledge and skills they need to excel, regardless of where they are on their journey. Our community thrives on reflection, compassion, collaboration, and empowerment, united by a shared vision of personal and collective growth. Together, we foster personal mastery, leadership, and thriving communities within a supportive atmosphere.

Dorothy McKelvy - VP Global Talent - PMI

“Thank you all for a very fulfilling program experience! Superb facilitation, moderating, and content.”

Rajat Sabharwal - MD, Head of Equities - Credit Suisse

“Given the high levels of stress prevalent in modern corporate life, the program offers a comprehensive understanding and expertise in holistic wellbeing. Moreover, the practices are tailored for everyday individuals, aiming to promote better health, mental focus, and resilient living.”

Nilanjan Mukherjee - Former CEO - Reliance Communication

“Absolutely Amazing! The experience is customized, and if one is remotely serious, then the possibilities of unlocking the powers of your mind, unfurl beautifully.”

Dinesh Dayal - Former COO - L'Oreal

“Now fearless, my mind has become more alert and calm. I have experienced a significant improvement in my mental focus, memory, life and leadership skills. I have developed better judgement, become more discerning, have greater confidence, and am quite happy to accept the uncertainty and impermanence of life.”

Wanda Void - Participant

“This experience is going to benefit me for years to come. I am way more resilient and view challenges and problem solving from a totally different lens.”

Renee Thuard - Teacher

“The training program was a tremendous challenge, as well as a fantastic journey! The entire team supported our inner growth with immense dedication. Each session was highly supportive and open. I am now committed to my wellbeing every single day!”

Kabir Bedi - Actor

“The founder’s book, ‘Just Breathe,’ inspires you to live life with solidity and wholeness, despite the impermanence, uncertainty, and challenges we are all confronted with.”

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